TMJ Treatment

The Temporolmandibular Joint (TMJ) is something we take very seriously and know how to successfully treat.

TMJ Treatment

The Temporolmandibular Joint (TMJ) is something we take very seriously and know how to successfully treat. Dr. Abrew has gone through extensive training on how to best treat a TMJ that is out of it's most natural position. If you have a bad bite, are hitting certain teeth with a lot of pressure, or your temporolmandibular joint has been worn down or pulled out of the socket, this can cause pain/soreness in the muscles connected to the joint and even headaches or migraines. It can also wear your teeth down over time to the point becoming flat or nub-like.

Dr. Abrew is the dentist you need if you suffer from these types of symptoms. He has completed extensive continuing education/training from F.A.C.E. a continuing education school that is the leader on studying and treating advanced problems with occlusion with an emphasis on gnathological philosophy and techniques. Dr. Abrew knows how to help an unstable joint return to its anatomically correct position which takes pressure off the neck and jaw muscles it is attached to.

Many people develop bruxism, or teeth grinding, as their jaw seeks its natural position. Chronic bruxism can cause loss of tooth structure, loosening of teeth, and receding gums. It may also necessitate the need for dental restorations such as crowns, root canals, implants, or possibly dentures, if the teeth are affected severely enough. It can also result in hearing loss, change the appearance of your face, TMD (temporolmandibular disorder), chronic pain, headaches, and sore muscles.

Adults and children can both suffer from bruxism. Alcohol, drugs, and certain sleep disorders can exacerbate this condition, making it worse. Increased stress and/or anxiety can greatly affect how often and how severely you grind your teeth. Children usually develop bruxism as a result of a cold or infection. Often pain from teething or earaches will induce teeth grinding in toddlers.

Don't live with chronic headaches or wearing down teeth. Come in to have your joint evaluated.

Dr. Abrew will begin by closely examining your jaw and evaluate for signs that your bite may be off. He will then recommend you have a CT scan which generates a 3D, high definition picture of your joint which will help to determine the health and perhaps misplacement of the joint. He will also make study models of your teeth and check the bite using a very thin piece of mylar paper which allows us to see where contact of the teeth occurs. He then makes a TMJ Stabilizer for you to wear at home which will take your joint back to it's most natural position, allowing tremendous relief for the worn out muscles. It will also protect your teeth from the effects of a misaligned bite and/or grinding.

What we do is extensive and take several visits but it is well worth it if you have any TMD symptoms and wish to protect your teeth and muscles from overuse.

Leave your worries at the door and enjoy a healthier, more precise smile

We invite you to come see us! Whether it is a first time dental appointment or you simply want a free consultation, we look forward to meeting and taking care of you.


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