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We aim to make your entire dental experience a successful and comfortable one. Our mission statement is: To serve our patients with integrity as though they are our family members and to provide the the most current cutting edge dental technology.

In addition to delivering exceptional quality dentistry, we have been trained in quality esthetic dentistry. We know how to make a smile stand out with natural beauty and health that leaves people saying wow! If you are looking for that perfect radiant smile we are here to help you achieve that reality. We know that confidence in your pearly whites allows you to shine with beauty and vitality that truly does make a difference. Just because you weren't born with a model set of teeth doesn't mean you have to settle for anything less than a smile that is perfect for you.

We invite you to come see us! Whether it is a first time dental appointment or you simply want a free consultation, we look forward to meeting and taking care of you.

Dr. Abrew is detail oriented and strives to deliver the highest level of dentistry possible. Dentistry is a blend of professional and artistic skills. Not only does Dr. Abrew have the technical skills, but he also has a keen artistic eye for beauty precision and facial composition. In an effort to reach the next level, he has incorporated the use of microscopes and digital dentistry into his work, and has taken his practice to a whole new level. His favorite work is in smile make overs and in TMJ/Bite rehabilitation. He has brought many of his patients out of pain/dislike and into tears of joy and happiness.

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Registered Dental Hygienist
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